Am I the only one? Have you ever just had one of those off days? You felt depressed, sad, upset and it just seems like your super alone. You feel it’s no one to talk too, no one hears you or even understands. I have what’s called depressive episodes, they come when you least expect it and it seems like everything about you and your mental state is out of wack. You could have them today and then you might not have another until 2 months later. That’s me, I have days like this and it alters my mood/mindset so bad that all I want to do is sleep.

I’m asking am I the only one because when days like this come I never know what actually triggered it, I never have the answer to why, Why I’m sad, depressed or overly emotional. Mental health is serious and it’s an everyday struggle, it’s a Fight that you want to be free from so bad but understanding it doesn’t happen over night is the key. I tell myself I’ll have bad days but I can’t let them define me, break me or take over the happiness I do have. I use to suffer from depression and today I no longer suffer from that but no I have depressive episodes. On those bad days I don’t feel in touch with anything or anybody, I barely speak words, I don’t eat much, I just move through the days wishing it all be over. It’s times I go 2 weeks without a bad day or 2 months but again it’s a consistent fight to be free. I tell myself if I want to be free, I have to do the work. I have to work on myself everyday and my happiness so I can be where I want to be. I’ve also fully accepted what I go through and I’m not scared to talk about it. I think begin vocal about it makes you stronger. When you’re experiencing mental health issues, every day can be a battle with your own mind and body, and with the outside world. Long-term recovery is a marathon.

Helping others, Helps me which is why today I can say I’m better, I’m stronger and I’m still Running this marathon!! Somethings we keep private yet we should start the conversation and talk about it!!! Some of us are struggling and are afraid to reach out! Listen too me don’t be scared reach out. Let’s be a Guide and Light For Each other.. I’m 22 and not afraid to say I’ve been depressed before, I’ve indulge in alcohol thinking I’d get better, I’ve cried myself to sleep, It took me 3 tries before actually seeing a therapist, I’ve been to a grief counselor, I’ve felt like God can’t help me frfr, at times I feel alone in a room full of ppl etc. Again I’m better today and I’m thankful I don’t look like what I’ve been through!!!!