Friends with Benefits is really Just uncompensated sex

To be harsh maybe uncompensated prostitution.

I mean there are so many rules, and things that can’t be said

It amazes me how the only thing we have in common is this bed

Feeding for sex with no future and genjoyment with no jealously


⁃ Sleep with me but remember your a secret

⁃ Sleep with me but this is not a relationship

⁃ Sleep with me but don’t call me later

⁃ Sleep with me but don’t question what I’m doing

⁃ Sleep with me but let’s not be seen in public

⁃ Sleep with me and don’t expect to be loved

⁃ Sleep with me but don’t kiss me

⁃ Sleep with me and don’t think your meeting my kids

⁃ Sleep with me but my friends/family don’t know you exist

⁃ Sleep with me because I appreciate you body but I didn’t sign up to know your min

Sleep with me but keep in mind it’s only sex.

Or maybe just orgasms with no understanding.

In the end all rules apply so don’t sign up if you can’t comply

By Asha James