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Your Body, My Body

April is POETRY month!! Why do we body Shame when in so many ways we are the same. We are sisters created in God’s Image as he wanted us to be!!!

You Qualify

We often think that because we don’t meet the written qualifications that we aren’t good enough or won’t be able too.. I’m here to tell you stop letting your resources at the time dictate what you can and can’t do!!... Continue Reading →

June 11th

June 11 I was filled with so much doubt I would meet someone I’ve heard a lot about It picked me and my hand wasn’t even raised All I could do was sit there in a gaze I was like... Continue Reading →

SassygirlzInc Interview

Make sure you check out her Amazing Interview!! Then go tap into your sassy side and get you some Sassygirlz shades...

Major Motivation Post

Week21: I thrive on obstacles. If I'm told that it can't be told, then I push harder. Issa Rae Welcome back all my ArtofA followers!!!!  Its Major Motivation Monday!!!!! So just stay with me and let’s take a trip. Have... Continue Reading →

First Year College Edition

This post is really for anyone looking to go to college. No matter your age, race or background. Im giving a little advice but encouraging everyone to go and test the waters. Go and get the experience. Thanks for reading #ARTOFA

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