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You Qualify

We often think that because we don’t meet the written qualifications that we aren’t good enough or won’t be able too.. I’m here to tell you stop letting your resources at the time dictate what you can and can’t do!!... Continue Reading →


Is an outstanding Jewlery business. Please read through her interview, Follow her Instagram and make some purchases!!!!!!

College Again

Giving a little advice and insight on the life we have. Remember Life is 30,30,30!!!

AmalgamNow Interview “Ask Him What He Don’t Do”

Make sure you checkout this super dope interview and support this Amazing business!! Be sure to like, share and follow him on Instagram Also, Click the link and shop around

First Year College Edition

This post is really for anyone looking to go to college. No matter your age, race or background. Im giving a little advice but encouraging everyone to go and test the waters. Go and get the experience. Thanks for reading #ARTOFA

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