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Your Body, My Body

April is POETRY month!! Why do we body Shame when in so many ways we are the same. We are sisters created in God’s Image as he wanted us to be!!!

Welcome Backkkkkk

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back all my amazing ArtofA followers!!! We are in a new month, a new season and please expect a lot of new things!!! I hope that you all have enjoyed your summer and it was... Continue Reading →

College Again

Giving a little advice and insight on the life we have. Remember Life is 30,30,30!!!

Relationship In 2018

Maintaining Healthy Relationships All 2018. Keep Your Business To Yourself and Remember Your Relationship Is The Goal.

Fighting With Darkness….

QuoteOfTheWeek: "Remember its okay to cry, Remember its okay to not be okay. In the end its okay to not be perfect. Nobodies perfect, everyone uniquely different."  Darkness, loneliness, sadness, and escape all words associated with what we know today as... Continue Reading →

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