Body, this body, our body

Why do we body shame

I mean we’ve all been dipped and drip of Chocolate melanin

You have curves and thick thighs

You have all types of hair textures and styles

Yet we’re all the same we’re all her.

See my body isn’t perfect but I’m confident so watch me work it

I’m 145 pounds, with stretch marks, dimples in my ass and cellulite

I even have breast that hang and a Lil gut that swangs

All things I’ve tried to get rid of but that one race I can’t beat

I use to look for Someone to blame

Most times I’ve always felt so Ashamed

Now I look and say I’m her, and her, and her

Girl we’re just alike in many ways

My body and your body can share the same stage

Remember Your just as beautiful as I am

Again when do we body shame?