June 11 I was filled with so much doubt

I would meet someone I’ve heard a lot about

It picked me and my hand wasn’t even raised

All I could do was sit there in a gaze

I was like a dear in headlights

Screaming Dear God this time I’m going to need help with this fight

I bet you want to know her name

But wait take a guess let’s play a game She invades from the inside out

She has no compassion for souls without a doubt

She doesn’t care the age or color

She comes to destroy like no other

She’s a pain in the ass

Better yet a nightmare you’d want to end fast

She’s sent to defeat an attack

With a lot of work, you’ll have high chances she’ll never come back

Her name is cancer, she divides and conquers

Coming to steal your happiest day by day

In oh so many painful ways

It’s nothing you can do but fight

But once she’s gone you’d gain a new sight

A new sight in life, you’d fight to see

I’m speaking from experience because 6 years ago it was me

I had cancer but as I tell others cancer didn’t have me

                                                     BY: ASHA(AOA)