Welcome back all of my ArtofA followers, Thank you for coming back again for another amazing post. This week post is about our dreams and goals but not the ones we go after but the ones we constantly sit around and talk about. Not that we always mean to talk about our dreams but sometimes we just need that little push or someone to tell us to do what we are called to do.

So, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are all bark and no bite when it comes to their dreams/goals. They can tell you everything they want to do, give you the whole plan then do nothing. It then tends to turn into a broken record lol like the old folks would say. Thing is I’m guilty of it too but it comes a time where you have to MOVE… You have to shake those inner thoughts and prove to yourself that you can. It comes a time where you have to set your plans in motion and just shoot for the moon. Forget about everyone else go chase your dreams/goals and come back for the others later. It’s so many people scared of rejection, failure, and being told no that its hard for them to put solid action behind what they speak about.

When planning your dreams remember everybody can’t go, and if they are going make sure they are hard working and happy to work alongside you because it’s not enough space in your success path to bring the gang. Live your best life and make memories you’ll have forever… Also, find people you can do just the same with. As you take a leap of faith into reaching your dreams find people who are trying to reach theirs as well. Now you and your gang all got the same motivation, drive, and hunger and can’t bring each other down if all your circle want success. Stop talking about it and be about it you’ll be surprised by the number of people who’s out there doing the things you kept saying you’re going to do, then 2 years later their living GOOD, BETTER and HAPPY. All it took was a little faith and belief in themselves that they could. Your biggest regrets are the ones you never took. Ain’t nobody on this earth getting any younger and it’s a market out there for everybody so when do you take the risk? When do you step out on faith? When do you say okay it’s my time and I’m going to go get it? Get rid of the jitters and MOVE, time waits for no man. So please don’t let time just past you by in 2019 actually go get it so in 2020 you ready to get bigger!!