Hey Y’all, Welcome Back!!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year lol Happy New Year to all. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Do you have any new plans, goals, dreams or aspirations? I hope so because I have a few that I am going to share with you today and hopefully you can apply them to your life as well. Every year we enter into it with these things we want to change. This year I’m thinking about my new year as a diet. I’ve been thinking what are some of the things I can take away to make my diet better and what are some things I can add to make my diet better. I’m only going to list a few so take note.

The first thing I’m taking away from my diet is stress and confusion and I’ll be replacing it with as much peace as possible. See I want my heart, mind, and soul to be at peace all year and with that being said I have to truly cut out all negativity. I can’t allow it from anybody or anything or else I’ll be putting my peace in harm’s way. I want to protect my peace as much as possible! Secondly, I’m taking away doubt and procrastination and replacing it with my purpose and a lot of “I can do it!” A lot of times we doubt ourselves and don’t even realize it, you could have had an idea so good but you might have told it to the wrong person they say one negative thing and now you no longer want to follow your purpose/idea. You get distracted by everything around you that you forget the excitement you felt when you started, you forget the people who are rooting for you and most of all you forget your purpose and the passion you had in the beginning. Lastly, I’m taking away sadness, expectations of others and I’m replacing it with Joy and God. I’m not saying that you will never be sad or have a bad day but how many of those bad days start turning into weeks, months and now you can’t find the joy in nothing because you’ve begun living in that sadness and hurt. “Weeping may endure for a night but joy shall come in the morning!” I’m giving all my problems to God and focusing on the good. I don’t want to dwell on any situations that aren’t worth it. I want to now be able to speak about it, cry about it then give it to God, let him deal with it then he gives me the best advice possible after that. I want to incorporate these things so that I can continue to work on being a better me. Working on me is not easy but I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to shine. I turned 21 in December and my goal is to Rebirth a new me. This year my motto is to Grow and Glow!!! Are You Growing and Glowing with me?!?