1. How did you come up with your brand name? I asked my best friend for name suggestions for my business and the first thing she was “Klawz by Kittie”. I really liked it and made it a hashtag on my first nail video and it stuck with me ever since.
  2. What was your original mission when you started and how has it evolved over time? My original mission when starting my business was to take something that I love to do, make money, and provide my clients with the best nail session ever. I’m currently learning the proper way to put my mission into action but coming along very well
  3. What motivates you every morning to get up and want to go harder for your business? When teaching yourself how to do something you are not going to know everything about it and for me that hunger to gain knowledge and to become one of the best is motivation.
  4. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced so far and how have you overcame it? The greatest challenge I’ve faced so far was getting myself to put my work on social media. I was not sure if I was ready to put myself out there and I realized that very fear would hold me back from what I wanted to accomplish.
  5. BRAG TIME!! What makes you and you and your business dope and how do you stand out from others? What makes my business different is the overall experience when taking my services. I take what I do very serious and I am always looking out for my clients best interest and it’s always good energy in my workspace. The thing that makes me stand out from others is my name
  6. Name one sacrifice you’ve had to make to make sure your business runs well? One sacrifice I made to make sure that my business runs well is spending time with my friends. I would not go to out every time they went because I had to make time to practice my craft, take an appointment, or anything pertaining to school and running my business
  7. If you could be anything in the kitchen what would you be and why? If I would be a knife because people would usually never get rid of knife sets so that means that I’ll be in the kitchen for a long time
  8. Tell me one of your greatest accomplishment or moments you’ve experienced thus far? So far my greatest accomplishment was when I got through my first nail appointment. I did not have a nails drill and for the people that don’t know that is a disaster for beginner and even though it did not go very well that will be my greatest accomplishment so far.
  9. Based off your experience thus far, what would you tell an upcoming entrepreneur about the business life? The advice that I have for an upcoming entrepreneur is that matter how much things may seem out of reach, keep going and be consistent because it’ll be when you least expect it that you will get your golden opportunity.
  10. Your brand is now a new edition to the crayon box!! What color would you be and why? I would be any color with any kind of metallic glitter or shimmer in it so that because it simply matches my personality.