1. How did you come up with your brand name? I started making jewelry for just myself. I was obsessed with the way that one piece could make my outfit pop effortlessly. However, after mastering the graphics of the vertical designs on my computer I wanted to get my pieces on other people. It took me a while to think of a name but then I considered who I was going into business for and it wasn’t for me but 4u. All my time effort and money spent would be spent on you, 4u to feel just as effortlessly fly as I feel when I’m wearing my own pieces.
    2. What was your original mission when you started and how has it evolved over time? I’ve been familiar with the process of making jewelry for years but selling pieces to others never once crossed my mind, I never planned on selling jewelry. I’m currently enrolled in school for my nursing degree I saw myself as nothing more than a nursing student. My eldest cousin felt that the vertical design I was working on would be a hit and I did want to see something new out there besides the same old lame old Carrie font.  I worked on a piece with my businesses name, “4uthebrand” and when it was done took a chance and asked my Instagram followers knowing they’d be as honest with me as possible, what they thought (love Y’all)! The feedback was great so I took time working on my site finding certified mentalist to help me with production and launched 4uthebrand.
    3. What motivates you every morning to get up and want to go harder for your business? Every day a new design comes to my mind and I get hype like, “oh yeah this gonna look amazing on people.” The thoughts surrounding what’s next to be released drives me. The idea that each design can be topped makes me go hard for my business. I wanna see the public looking fly. Plus, the entire creative process brings me nothing but peace and the connection I’ve developed with my 4ubabes confirms I’m doing something right beside making jewelry.
    4. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced so far and how have you overcame it? I’ve run into a few bumps while getting my company established. For example, promo on Ig, I’ve had influencers tag other companies on my work or not promote their pieces well or at all. It’s a scary gamble trusting people based on just followers. People are not what their likes make them out to trust me. There have also been times I’ve had to deal with rude customers. I pride myself on how well I handle my babe’s concerns, to toot my own horn I think I have the best service in this industry to be doing things all on my own. Despite that, I’ve been called out my name for things I cannot control like shipping delays on the post offices part. I’ve even had a customer cursing at me about where her order was a day after she placed the order…4u sells custom jewelry that takes time and patience nothing custom can be made in a working day. Other than that, things have been running smoothly lol.
    5. BRAG TIME!! What makes you and you and your business dope and how do you stand out from others? I am naturally a lit person and I’ve successfully applied that lit attribute to 4u! 4U is a custom jewelry company that can bring any font, handwriting or image to life and put it on a chain or a ring or an anklet. The possibilities are endless honestly. Not to mention each piece is handmade by me and my dedicated team of three. I’m only 19 and I got my company the rights to use board certified materials that don’t rust or cause allergic reactions. 4u is still a baby but it’s pushing out pieces every day each made uniquely, no cookie cutter fonts here like other companies, just art. There aren’t any limits at what 4U can produce and that’s why the company stands out.
    6. Name one sacrifice you’ve had to make to make sure your business runs well?I no longer know what it feels like to run on a full 8 hours of sleep. I sacrifice my shut-eye to make sure orders are sent out as promised. And my babes are happy. I’ve canceled dates to work on couple rings and called out of work to finish computer coding for my site.  My life is school and 4U. It’s a hectic way to do things but I love it and it works
    7. If you could be anything in the kitchen what would you be and why? I’m not sure if the light that you turn on to cook would count lol, but I would most definitely want to be the light up in there! Without light, you can’t do much I like to consider myself the clarity in my company and in a lot of people’s lives. The light gets things done and that’s a perfect depiction of what I do
    8. Tell me one of your greatest accomplishment or moments you’ve experienced thus far? The first day I launched 4U 200 people ordered custom chains. I cried that day because I couldn’t believe 200 people were interested in my business let alone the first day of launching. I felt so proud of myself for doing something I said I would and having others supporting me.
    9. Based off your experience thus far, what would you tell an upcoming entrepreneur about the business life? I think it’s important to remember your business is your business and you must work each day for people to put some respect on your name. You need to believe in your business even when others do not and you need to work hard to keep it afloat. Also, never let people know what your pockets looking like. Meaning doesn’t let people know what your bank account statement, or how profits are doing after all money should not be your driven factor of owning a business it should be a perk. Win in silence and put out your best.
    10. Your brand is now a new edition to the crayon box!! What color would you be and why? 4Uthebrand’s crayon box color would most definitely be multicolored. We are a custom company remember. What better way to show that than to have a crayon made of different colors like the different options available only at 4U.