Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back all my amazing ArtofA followers!!! We are in a new month, a new season and please expect a lot of new things!!! I hope that you all have enjoyed your summer and it was filled with peace, love and lots of laughter!!!  Are you ready!!! Are You READY? If you’re not ready Y’all better get ready because I have a lot of fun, inspirational, motivational, interactive topics coming your way. Get ready for an amazing half of the year with me because I’m excited to be back with you guys!! I’m glad that you guys are still here and still reading. This time coming up I will be speaking about college, shows, movies, relationships, religion and many other current topics… I’ve also started an advice column so please feel free to use that tab as well. I will also be adding an ArtofA shopping store. Please be on the lookout for that the next couple of months. I have a lot planned so GET READY!! This is just a welcome back post and I’ll be writing you guys next Sunday!!! Welcome back Y’all!!