Comparing💭 Stop comparing your dreams with others, your goals to others goals, your relationships to others, and🛑 comparing your image with others. The comparison is the thief of all joy. It will make you unsatisfied, jealous, resentful and unproductive. The person or situation your comparing yourself or life to 9/10 isn’t that much better than yours. Everyone knows how to put on a front for the outside but what’s important is what’s going on inside behind the closed doors🚪. Nobodies perfect 👌🏽 You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the greatest creator (GOD) so it’s no need to compare yourself to anybody. What God has for you is just for you and everything isn’t for everybody. How can you say you want something or somebody like that when you don’t know what they went through just to be in that position, relationship or have that status. Stop comparing 🛑✋