There are some people in the world who simply care too much. Then you have some people in the world who we think don’t care enough. I feel neither is bad because this post is about caring carelessly. It’s about caring enough to know your own truth. Caring enough to not actually care what anybody thinks, says or feel about you. Understand this post is not telling you to not care it’s telling you to care enough and then let it go. For example are you always asking what people think of you, how they feel about you, what they think about your hair, shoes etc. Or have you had that person give criticism about something you’re doing whether it’s your brand, business or simply how you dressed that day. Sometimes we have days where what someone says can negatively impact our day. It’s on your mind all day and not your bursting out negative energy into the world. Your moody and have an attitude. I say you have every right to own your feelings for as long as you need to but allow yourself to regain control and power. You can’t regain control or power of what somebody said or whatever happens ruins your entire day. You have to care enough to care carelessly.