Welcome back my ArtofA followers this post isn’t like the others it’s simply an encouragement post. Come go on a thinking trip with me. So your at a restaurant, you’ve been seated and 15 mins go by you haven’t been served. Like most people you can’t seem to understand so you call for your waiter. You’ve noticed that others have walked in and been seated some even served. Suddenly 40mins have went by and now you begin to question and doubt the service of the restaurant. I say that to say what GOD has for you is for you. He’s going to give you a test so In the end you’ll have a testimony. Your blessing is coming. You must know that what those other people ordered wasn’t at the same level as your order. The magnitude of your order is taking GOD some time to process because your blessing is bigger. Don’t think GOD has forgotten about you he’s in route just be patient and hold on. What is special for you is for you can’t nobody take that away from you. Next time you sit at a table and you feel like everyone is eating before you don’t give up, don’t stop, Keep pressing your blessing is on its way in due time. Keep moving, keep praying your moment is coming and its big , it’s special don’t run off stay on course. If anyone has been in a situation where you have been praying for a change and it has yet to come and you feel like God is turning all things upside down. Know that he’s getting ready to turn them right side up. He about to make a difference in your life and bless you with one of the biggest blessings you have yet to see. At the end of the day know that GOD has a special kind of blessing for you. It’s coming and when it arrives remember to praise him, keep your faith in him, Thank him and know that what GOD says he’s going to do he’s going to do.