Screenshot Diaries- What I refer to as short messages of motivation. I use these Diaries to give insight, and advice.

When people show you who they are please BELIEVE them❗️I️’m sure we’ve all seen crazy from a mile away. It’s like walking up the street and you see the crazy,the disfunction, the b.s in a person but instead or crossing the street we choose to engage in a head on collision. WHY?!? Like we knew he,she,they were about to be a headache🤕. You engage with them, and they show their true colors🌈, they are doing things that aren’t accepting but you see the potential. You try to work with them and be understanding. You then find yourself trying to fix that person on all levels to please you. You are trying to fix them to be something that isn’t then so when someone show you who they are you understand the truth of them and then yourself. Don’t surround yourself with people who will peck you like a duck 🦆. They will peck you to death 💀 I swear 🖐🏽. So when they show you who they really are believe it, be true with yourself, accept it and then run 🏃‍♀️.