Helpful, passionate, funny, easy going, loving and carefree are all words that would describe my Nannie! You’re probably looking down from heaven sending out smiles of sunshine and showers of love. God took you from this earth while I was young but I’ve realized your work on earth was done. I can’t be angry or sad because God has called another one of his angels home. Nannie, you have touched so many lives, hearts, minds, and souls you were just so beautiful and bold. Now that you are gone we feel an instant void. But we will remember the times we laughed and enjoyed. I can’t help but cry but these are tears of joy. Thank you, Nannie, for all that you have done, now your work in heaven has begun. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be. So he put his arm around you and whispered: “come to me.” A golden heart stopped and working hands at rest. He broke our hearts just to prove he only takes the best. I could only think how lucky I was to have you. You taught us how to love and how to fight. You gave us strength and you guided sight. You’re a blessing, you’re a gift, your a diamond like no other. Your amazing Nan. As I end this poem and say my final goodbye know that I’ve gained my composure and I’m not going to cry. I know you are in a better place where there is no more pain, suffering or tears plus you live 79 good years.

Love you, Nanny,