Screenshot Diaries- What I refer to as short messages of motivation. I use these Diaries to give insight, and advice.

Recently I went to church ⛪ and a lady so special gave me a word from God. When she started she spoke about my confidence. I believe that I have really high confidence and it’s one of the things I admire about myself. My only struggle is the scar on my face from when I was diagnosed with cancer and the keloid on my ear which is why I keep the right side of my face hidden. But I’m working on my confidence when it comes to that. I know that I’m beautiful and I’m love, and can’t no one take that out of my head. Another thing she said was stop questioning Why Me? 🤷🏽‍♀️If only y’all knew the uphill battle I go through with that question. I’m a child of God🙏🏽 and I often question him Why Me? I sometimes feel like if God is who he is then why does he put me through these specific things. The things that make me cry, angry, feel sad, and so helpless at times. But I know GOD doesn’t give his people more than they can bare. Last thing she said that stood out was she spoke about my heart. I have a really BIG HEART and anybody who knows me can tell you that. I have a beautiful, strong and special heart. I love so Hard and care so much about people even after they’ve done me wrong. My heart is always accepting to others. It’s so pure and genuine at that. I know that I touch people lives just with my story, my attitude and my poise alone. I’m starting to think that with the heart I have it’s hard for me to hate anybody no matter what because my heart is so open. I pray that my heart stays this way forever and I’m able to continue to have this oh so amazing heart. Today was a great day and I’m thankful that I got to meet someone so powerful and special who can read and notice those things in my life. I’ve been learning so much about myself lately and what was spoken to me today just confirms that something big is about to happen for me. A big increase is about to happen in my life💯🙏🏽 I feel it physically, mentally, emotionally and academically. I’m soul searching and to others it might not seem like it but just WATCH. I just have to continue to be patient, humble and ready for what every comes my way. My life is being turned around right before my eyes and I claim that what’s coming is MINE. I can feel it, smell it, hear it and eventually I’ll be able to seeit. 👏🏽💪🏽💯💯💯