QuoteofTheWeek: College is all about time management. If and when you decide to go to college have fun and use your time wisely.

This post is kind of short but yesss I️m still I️n College and for the first time last semester I had a black professor. He was older, had a lot of swag and was a walking book of quotes. I mean he gave quotes every class. I didn’t mind because some of the quotes really hit home and then some were just inspiring. One that he always said to us was “Life is 30,30,30.”

“Life is 30,30,30” Meaning your first 30’s your living, making foolish mistakes, and trying to figure out who you really are and what you wanna do. Which I see a lot of my followers at this stage. Which is okay because we are living our best lives. We’re at a point where we don’t have to really answer to anybody where doing what we want to do and really not caring what others will think about us.
Your second 30’s your getting though you’ve kind of got it figure out. It’s like everything is falling into place but you’re facing real-life adult battles. You managing bills, work, children, marriage etc. But be minded that things are working in your favor. But you still might not know, you might have just settled, just got that dream job you’ve always wanted but you’re still grinding hard.
Your last 30’s your living, giving back, chilling and riding the wave. You were born alone so your going to die alone. When your on those last 30’s you probably have grown children, grandkids, retired, traveling the world and spending time with your significant other. You are happily enjoying life and doing it on your own terms. It’s like you’ve given so much to others that it’s time, to do you…

So remember that “Life is 30,30,30.” Be young wild and free just know eventually you have to get your life in order. But remember you got time to play, have fun and do Rachet stuff. Also, use your years of living wisely. Be happy and let that positive energy in and then spread It around to others. Thanks for reading hope you come back again.

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