QuoteofTheWeek: “When you think of a good healthy relationship think of it as Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.” Walter Winchell

Relationships, Relationships Relationships!!!!! It’s a new year and we should all be rebuilding, making new relationships or making our old relationships better. What are your relationships like? Have they been the same, are you guys growing together? Are you guys happy, do you feel it’s a consistent battle? I️m young and You might think I don’t know a lot but I know a lot that can help you. So sit back relax and let me help.

The first step to being in a good, healthy, long-lasting relationship is loving yourself first and defining who you are as a Man or Woman. Believe me when I tell you until you unapologetically love yourself your Relationships will never change. Also if you don’t understand who you are as an individual your partner won’t either. You gotta know you in order to be able to ask for the things you want. I️ think that it is sad that this generation today jump from men to men or woman to woman, they expose their relationships all over the internet, embarrass themselves and their character and gain nothing from it. With that kind of exposure, it only puts everybody in your business and your giving outsiders ways to judge you based on what you’ve posted. I️m sorry but people post their whole lives and get nothing but a little bit of sympathy from friends on social media that only speak to you under a status.I feel like people can sense a broken individual and when your broken your more often than not to come in contact with people who will start out Amazing and eventually break your heart. The cycle has to change not only for you but your kids, your well being and your sense peace.

I’ve learned to go into relationships putting out what I WANT and having the mindset that if you can’t work to give me that then I can’t be with you. I love and value myself so much that I won’t accept less than what I give. I see a lot of relationships on the internet that everyone scream “GOALS” under but is that really goals? What God has for you is just for you and good things come to those who wait. Sometimes you gotta be patient for that right man or woman and you gotta let that person find you. Plus with those popular internet relationships how can they be goals when we don’t know what they went through to have such a strong bond with each other. You don’t know the fight behind that relationship. We also don’t know if they are doing that just for show. Be mindful of your own relationship and do what makes your relationship work.

This is a general post so this could be for all relationships we have in life. Every relationship takes time, communication and dedication. You have to be on the same page and ready to work with each other flaws because nobody is perfect. Also when looking to be in a relationship with your partner look for the people who carry themselves like a husband or wife already. It’s men and woman out there in the world who have already established their worth and they refuse to settle for less than. Don’t be afraid to set your standards high because you deserve the best. You deserved to have the best for a lifetime and not for a few months. It’s going to be arguments and bickering but It gets better. It’s never perfect so in relationships know that you have to work. Also, realize the relationships that are Worth fighting for. If you know that it’s something you want to beat around your pride put yourself out there and fight for what you want. And don’t be afraid because you’re doing what’s best for you… Don’t let people get in your ear either if you do decide to fight for a relationship that others may not think you should be in. All I can say is just don’t lose yourself in the fight don’t go so hard that you leave nothing for yourself. Go hard if you see it’s a fight being done together. In the end let’s start making our relationships better and more private. It’s for the better because you don’t want to give everyone something to talk about especially when it’s a topic sensitive to you.

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