Quote of The Week: Eyes haven’t seen ears haven’t heard, The kind of blessings That’s about to follow me, woah ‘Cause victory is here Keep defeat out the door God’s done a new thing, yeah Get ready for overflow!!!! – Tasha Cobbs 

Happy New Year Guys… I’m back and I’m coming full force I mean I have something new for you guys every Sunday!!! We know it’s that time of year we all scream about out New Years Resolutions. I️’m excited to hear what you all have come up with this year so if you want to comment them below please feel free. When It comes to myself this year my resolution is easy first to help people who benefit me daily. Meaning people who aren’t in my life looking for the benefit but who are supporting and enduring the struggle with me no matter what. My 2nd one is giving my time to people who really deserve It. In other words, if you don’t have time for me I️ don’t have time for you. My last one for 2018 is I️’m going to try my best to surround myself with positive, ambitious, loving and caring people just like myself. I just want all positive vibes going on in my life. I am choosing to avoid all negativity and stress-related things and people.

As you read my resolutions you might say those sound kind of selfish. But for the year of 2018, I am unapologetically and Selfishly loving and worrying about MYSELF more. I’ve realized all 2017 that I’m the only one who really got me. Can’t nobody love me how I love myself, Can’t nobody make me happy the way I make myself happy, Don’t Nobody Push me the way I push myself etc.  I notice I have myself 35% of the time but I give 75% to everyone else and making sure others are happy. That equation has now got to change and I️m giving 90% to myself and 10% to what’s out there. If you like me your one of those people who give give give but when you need, ask or want for something the people who said they would be there are nowhere to be found. Or while your down out and struggling those people who said they would be there and help you are on vacation living it up and has yet to ask you if you were good. I mean its unfair to you and why continue to live like that. Your suffering when you don’t have too. So take this journey with me and ill help you be more about yourself 2018.

So for the year of 2018 I️m being selfish. It might sound harsh but some things you have to do for yourself. You have to cut some things out of your life so that you can be your best and at your happiest so these are my resolutions and I’m going to try my hardest to stick to them so that I prosper all year. Like I stated before I would like to hear some of y’all resolutions for the new year so please comment below you never know who your resolution will inspire.

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