We all have our own forms of struggle. What are you struggling with? As we enter the new year I want us to learn how to deal with struggle. Everyone has their own form of struggle and I don’t think that one person is greater than another because of their individual struggles. We all may even have different definitions of struggle. Going through the struggle can mean a lot of different things such as struggling in your relationships, struggling with being happy, sadness, depression, with loving others, yourself or even forgiving others and yourself. So what are you struggling with? Take sometime figure It out and work on It during the new year.

Take it from me I’ve been through a lot in my life. In order to cope with your struggle, you have to First not feel sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t better you nor your future. I️ have had phases in my life where I could have thrown myself a pity party and felt sorry for myself. In 2009 I was diagnosed with cancer, I own that Disease and continue life. Reasons why I don’t tell people today I had cancer because they always say “Awwww, oh my are you okay?” You can see the pity on their faces. But don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t feel sorry for myself. If I have felt sorry for myself I wouldn’t be where I am 5 years later. I️n College, working, partying, blogging, enjoying friends and creating better relationships.

The next step is to embrace your pain. You cant go over it, you can’t go around it you can only push through it. I would encourage you to get over It but you might say “you don’t know my pain and what I’ve been through!” And I’ll say well the thing is I don’t know your pain but let me tell you some of mine in 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer and would undergo more than 3 surgeries for removal and the reconstruction of a new Jaw. 2012 I was battling with serious Anger issues due to having surgery after surgery and just things in my life. 2013 my godfather would pass away, 2014 my great grandmother would pass away and in 2015 my grandmother would pass away. And for these last two years, I have been trying to still make all that a reality. I️m still learning how to cope and manage what this life is and what I’ve been through. You gotta fight through It all so that you come out on top. Because there is a better you waiting on the other side.

Another thing never try to equal your life situation to someone else’s. Someone once told me that comparison is the thief of all joy. Which is really true, and you’ll never be happy if you’re comparing yourself to others. Things that we compare Is out car to their car, your job to their job, your relationship to their relationship and your life to someone else life. Which will make you jealous, unhappy, broke and unproductive. You can want what everyone else has, what got have for you is just for you. Wait for what God is offering. Always remember that the grass ain’t greener on the other side and the person or thing you’re comparing yourself too is doing just as bad as you or worse.

Lastly, I want you to get excited and be proud. Get excited about the situation that you are in whether it is good or bad. You gotta trust the process and get excited through the struggle. When you are approached with those big fights and struggles get ready because God doesn’t give big fights to little soldiers. He also wouldn’t put more on you than you can handle. So start getting omg exciting and rejoicing no matter what the situation is. People won’t understand but you will and it’s not your job to explain just tap them on the shoulder and say get excited…

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