Recently a video of Whoopi Goldberg went viral from the morning talk show The View, the video was about 2mins and 47 seconds long. Here’s the link: sum it up Whoopi was agreeing with smith and expressing her thoughts on Ray Rice being suspended for hitting a woman. Take it from Whoopi she made it clear that the female did point out “she hit him first,” and She says “you can not hit somebody and be sure your not going to get hit back.” As her co-Stars yells that “Men should NEVER hit woman unless he feels his life is in serious danger!” Well Whoopi over powered them and raise a good point that we have to teach woman and young girls to never put their hands on a man no matter what. We can’t assume that men today live with the idea of chivalry and that it is still instilled in a mans way of thinking. She then goes on to say “So don’t be surprised if you hit a man and he hits you back.” You have to watch the video it was a really good debate and i agree with Whoopi. As a woman i know if my 4’11 self hit a man i can not expect him to turn the other cheek. It might be sad but it’s very true. I don’t care to much about physical strength because at no point do woman think about physical strength when they set to hit a man. They just act and then are quick to play victim. Plus my parents always taught me to simply not put my hands on ANYBODY!! As a female they taught me not to hit the boys in school. Whoopi whole point was woman need to be taught not to put there hands on a man because they can’t be sure that if they fo they won’t get hit back. So EVERYONE should KEEP their HANDS TO THEMSELVES. PERIOD. POINT. BLANK..

Feel Free to leave comments below expressing what you think 💭? Do you agree with Whoopi or her co-stars? Should Woman be able to hit men for any reason and should men ever hit women ?