Welcome back all of my ArtofA followers. This week I’m doing something different and I’m using this platform to connect with my followers and others in General. This Saturday I want to make this blog post an open, free, confidential space for people to share. I want you to share, connect with me/others and then leave feeling inspired, encouraged or empowered. I’ll go first but please feel free to share and don’t be afraid… As you can see the question is in the picture but ill place it here as well.

If you could write a note to your younger self, what would it say in only FIVE words?

My note would say “You define who you are” (It doesn’t ask you to explain your note but if you want to please feel free.)  I would have said that to my younger self because back then I wasn’t too happy with the skin I was in, so I would feed off of what others said in order to be happy. I was the chubby kid with the glasses, didn’t have the latest sneakers or clothing, so I thought that’s what defined me.  I never felt or called myself any of the positive attributes so when people would say them to me I would accept it for the time being and soon go back to my own definition of what and who I thought I was. Now I think highly of myself and I am now able to define who I am. My definition of myself now matters and what other may think really doesn’t.

Thank for reading and I can’t wait to review some of the responses. Remember to follow my social media handles and my blog. #ArtofA