1. How did you come up with your brand name? “make money fast” scheme. I planned to buy high-quality thrifted clothes and sell them for a profit. Eventually, the idea stemmed that in addition to this, I would serve as a platform for everything black-owned and everything representing black excellence and opulence. I had come up with 3 potential names:
  2. FreeBlendz
  3. Division1
  4. AmalgamNow

Being as though my website would be a powerhouse of several Black businesses and services, I found it fitting that the name represents that. This is where FreeBlendz and AmalgamNow stemmed from. Division 1 was just a name that I felt had a good sound to it. FreeBlendz was a play on Future’s “Freebandz”, with Blendz to represent the different pieces to the puzzle. AmalgamNow came about because of the definition of the word Amalgam. A mixture or blend. I just threw the now in there. AmalgamNow was chosen for its uniqueness and ring. I like to credit my guy Cash for the actual choosing of A.N.. He was the only person I brought it up to and he confirmed that my decision to stick with AmalgamNow was the right one.

  1. What inspired you to start your own business? I got into the business world at 16. AmalgamNow wasn’t my first venture. Even right now, I’m currently serving as the CEO of AmalgamNow, Chief Operating Officer of Fitness Plug, Chief Financial Officer of AmalgamNow subsidiary, AmalgamKicks, and I recently founded my Graphic Design service, Cash Gordon GFX. Of all of these, AmalgamNow was my most recent move. I’m not at all ashamed to say I got a lot of my business acumen and basic knowledge from my experiences outside of the legal world. I’m proud to say I’m one of the few who always knew I wanted to wash the money. I knew I didn’t want to fall to the wayside. I took my natural abilities and what I learned and applied it to the business world. At 16, 17 I was doing what I was doing illegally but at the same time, I had begun selling candy at school. Sounds real rudimentary but I swear I learned so much in that span for real. Simple pay-to-play, spend money to make money, investment/ROI process. I would buy a few hundred worth of candy at a bulk price and sell for profit at school. At my best, I’m netting 300-400 a week and putting half of that back into the re-up. Growing up I never needed for too much. I can remember plenty of times I wanted things we couldn’t afford or even things my parents just weren’t willing to purchase, but for the most part, I was always straight. At a certain point, I would say maybe 15 or 16 I just developed a drive of my own. I wanted my own money. I wanted to have things I could say I bought myself. While my business experiences began to pad my pockets, eventually it became a way of life. I enjoyed the hustle so much it became a necessity but even more so, I realized my potential. I realized I never had to work for another man If I didn’t want to. Dame Dash had a large role in showing me that as well.
  2. What was your original business mission and how has it evolved since you started? I partially answered this in question 1. To answer this short and to the point, A.N. began as a quick scheme to run my bread up and became something that has the potential to become bigger than me. Bigger than all of us.
  3. What motivates you to get up every morning and go harder for your business? Honestly, truly, the bag. Helping others is a plus. Doing what I do for the culture is a plus. The drive comes from the hunger for more. Every day I’m working towards that moment where I sell A.N. for a lifetime bag and move to the next operation. I gotta see my family straight and I gotta see me doing more than just surviving off the land.
  4. Name a celebrity or someone you are most inspired by that you would like to see supporting your business and why?  Too many to name… Off the top, Damon Dash, Kiy of By Kiy (Yup I’m calling him a celeb!! He on his way to a major bag!!) A-Boogie… all guys that started something from the ground up and reaped the benefits. We’re cut from the same cloth so it would be dope to have their support b/c they have mine. Fly guys too!
  5. What makes what you do dope? How do you stand out? I feel like I stand out for two important reasons. On this side, we’re brash. No cut, none of the media trained BS. For us by us, real in ya face vibes. But also, we for the spreading of wealth. I want to create millionaires. A Lot of guys was in the position to put people on and tried to keep the resources and the bags all to them. Not how I’m moving
  6. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced along the way? My greatest challenges have yet to come. Smooth sailing so far.
  7. Tell me one of your greatest accomplishments or moments you’ve had since you’ve started your business? Just launching honestly. I have tech experience so I was able to create a vibe on my website that’s head and shoulders above my competition. You see a lot of websites sprouting up, and a lot of em are novice at best. To have something so beautifully built, that I spent countless nights on, to launch that and have it on display, meant a lot. My first sale was a crazy feeling too.
  8. If it was one thing you could tell an up and coming entrepreneur; what would it be? Every bag counts. Stop at nothing. Right now, fully counted, I have 5 streams of income. Not knocking their lifestyle at all but the average working, or student 19-year-old has no more than 1. Most have 0. You gotta be open. If you can do it, and other people can’t, if you can do it, and other people aren’t willing to, shit even if you can do it and everybody else can, you can make money from it. Embrace every opportunity to make money.
  9. Your brand is now a new addition to the Crayon box. What color would it be and why? Amalgam Blue baby! I’m gone shake the world up!