1. How did you come up with your Brand name? I came up with my brand name from my personality I feel like every girl has a sassy side so she should embrace it.
  2. What inspired you to start your own business? What inspired me to start my business has a lot to do with my mom my mom encouraged me to follow my dreams and be myself so I did.
  3.  What was your original business mission and how has it evolved since you started? My original plan was to just get my business started and see what happens I didn’t expect it to go this far.
  4.  What motivates you to get up every morning and go harder for your business? I think I find motivation within myself because you have to love what you do and your hustle must bother your sleep.
  5.  Name a celebrity or someone you are most inspired by that you would like to see supporting your business and why? Beyoncé Nicki Minaj and a boogie they’re very motivating their hustle is just amazing and they influence me to go harder.
  6. What makes what you do dope? How do you stand out? What’ makes me dope is that this is me and I’m going to be me that’s my gift so I embrace it.
  7. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced along the way? Being more social and networking was the hardest part.
  8. Tell me one of your greatest accomplishments or moments you’ve had since you’ve started your business?  Well, this project I have coming up I think when it’s complete that would be my greatest accomplishment.
  9.  If it was one thing you could tell an up and coming entrepreneur; what would it be? One thing I would say is to go for it and be yourself no matter what.
  10. Your brand is now a new addition to the Crayon box. What color would it be and why? Green because that’s my favorite color money is green it’s an earth color.