1. How did you come up with your Brand name? umm, I came up with ArtOfA just out of the blue. My Slogan is what came to mind first which was the Art of My Heart and I got that because I wanted people to take my slogan and find the Art of their heart. The art of my heart is writing it’s what I enjoy doing. So, the art of your heart can be anything of your choosing.  I get questions often about what the A stands for in ArtofA and I tell people its stands for me so it’s like the ArtOfAsha, but the (A) can be replaced with whatever your art is.
  2. What inspired you to start your own business? What inspired me to start a blog is my personal life. I have been through so much and I know I can’t be the only one going through all this hell so why not talk about it and help somebody else. I figured that I would use my personal experiences to Inspire, Encourage and Empower the next person which is what I have been doing.
  3. What was your original business mission and how has it evolved since you started? I started this blog out the blue didn’t really expect nothing serious from it so I didn’t really have a mission starting my blog.  My goal was just to share my life and try to help someone else in their daily life. Since day one I have evolved because now I get more views monthly, I have people contact me and ask me to write for them and my writing has gowned since my first post overall.
  4. What motivates you to get up every morning and go harder for your business? What motivates me is the hardships I’ve been through. What motivates me to write a new post is my experience good or bad which I think is relevant to today’s society.
  5. Name a celebrity or someone you are most inspired by that you would like to see supporting your business and why?  A celebrity that I would want to read my blog would be Iyana Vanzant because I know that in some way we can relate to each other. I know that she can also be a good guide for me to follow as I begin to expand my writing platform. I love her form of Art so why not dream of her clicking my link and reading my blog.
  6. What makes what you do dope? How do you stand out? What makes my Blog dope is the fact that’s its personal. I’m giving you the raw and uncut shit that has happened in my life from my point of view. I stand out because your average blogger is blogging about what’s going on in the media, fashion and current events. Not to downplay anyone’s writing but what I write about is so personal and deep it can’t be copied and at the end of the day its mine. It happened to me and then it’s coming straight from me. I’m talking about death, incarceration, me being diagnosed with cancer, stuff with my parents, friendship, relationships etc. but from my personal experiences.
  7. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced along the way? One of my greatest challenges I’ve faced is how much do I tell at times. I want to make sure that each post gives off the same warm energy. I often think about judgment, I mean how can you not when you are telling random people your life. It’s easy to say I don’t care what others may say or think but sometimes I do I’m not even going to lie. I can’t inspire, encourage and empower a single soul if my followers fell a disconnect. So sometimes I struggle about how much to tell. I also struggle sometimes with writer’s block it’s crazy at times I know exactly what I want to write but it doesn’t always come out that way and I find myself stuck trying to figure it out.
  8. Tell me one of your greatest accomplishments or moments you’ve had since you’ve started your business? One of my greatest accomplishments, since I’ve started, is a number of people who view my blog then vs now. I don’t blog for money so my views are what matter to me. When I started, I would upload a post and get like 10 views I was lowkey starting to feel discouraged but then I started to just go up, the comments I began to get made me continue to write. I realized after that I started inspiring my damn self as well as others.  I began to hit like 50/60 Views per post and that when its first uploaded them. Then I began to have people ask me to write for them and to know that a couple of my writing are floating out there in the world makes me happy because writing is what I enjoy doing. So, my greatest moments come every time I get a comment from someone telling me to keep going, or they need that post, or they feel inspired from my recent blog post etc.
  9. If it was one thing you could tell an up and coming entrepreneur; what would it be? I would tell them to start and stay focused. Know that everybody can’t go with you because your journey is your journey. When you feel discouraged just keep going don’t stop for nobody. Nothing happens overnight and some of those challenges are what will make or break your brand.
  10. Your brand is now a new addition to the Crayon box. What color would it be and why?  My color would be Sunrise which is like a bright orange and yellow mixed because I inspire and encourage others. With my post, I will do my best to uplift and make others days much brighter bright.

Feel free to like, leave comments or questions. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for my next post. #ArtofA

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