Week21: I thrive on obstacles. If I’m told that it can’t be told, then I push harder. Issa Rae

Welcome back all my ArtofA followers!!!!  Its Major Motivation Monday!!!!! So just stay with me and let’s take a trip. Have you ever bit into a stick of butter? No, it sounds nasty. Have you ever just taken an egg and drank it? It doesn’t sound good, do it? Or have you ever put your hand in cooking oil or flour and ate it? No, that all sounds like a hot mess. Have you ever baked something and 40/50 mins go by and it’s just taking forever? You realize that when you saw someone else do it took them a shorter time to bake. You are waiting and praying that every time you go and check it’s still baking. First, notice all those items alone taste nasty but have you ever had the finished product of a Cupcake? It’s good, sweet, pretty and most of all it tastes good. Realize that everything that goes into a cupcake is nasty alone but when you trust the process you can get something good. It’s all about the timing, you have to wait until the timing is perfect for you. You can’t skip through experiences you must go through somethings to experience something special. The master chef knows how much to throw in the right amount of failure, tears, discouragement, and disappointment so that you can encounter greatness in the end. Sometimes it’s easier to just go with the flow and wait for what’s coming. You can’t rush it because what’s for you is only for you. Your master chef is giving you all the test so that you can come out with a testimony. Your blessing is coming just TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! The magnitude of the number of Cupcakes you are baking is taking some time because what you asked the master chef for is bigger than the others. Don’t think that your prayers have not yet been answered or that God has forgotten about you he’s in route just hold on. What is special for you doesn’t equal the specialness of someone else cupcakes. Next time you bake some cupcakes and you feel like they are taking too long to bake just be patient, don’t give up, keep pressing your blessing is on its way in due time. keep moving, keep praying your moment is coming and it super big, its special it’s going to taste good, smell good and look good just like a cupcake. If anyone has been in a situation where you have been praying for a change and it has yet to come and you feel like God is turning all things upside down. Know that he’s getting ready to turn them right side up. He about to make a difference in your life and bless you with one of the biggest blessings you have yet to see. At the end of the day know that GOD has a special blessing for you. It’s coming and when it arrives remember to praise him, keep your faith in him, thank him and know that what GOD says he’s going to do he’s going to do.

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