Week20: Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

Welcome back ArtOfA followers I’m back again with another amazing uplifting blog post. This week topic is Title Real, Deal, Heal. You might be wondering where I’m going with this so just keep reading. So, we all go through situations that are full of shit we either have a hard time flushing it or we let it pile up. It’s just a big pile of shit that we allow to keep piling up because we try to make it look pretty. I’m sure we have all been in a state of mind where we start to believe some of our own bullshit, we have normalized the bullshit to the point we make it look good, smell good and feel good for ourselves and others on the outside.  We give ourselves false impressions of what may have really happened vs what we wanted to happen. You even belittle the issue to make ourselves look good and feel better about what has happened. It happens all the time as a human we can’t help it. We just sometimes want things to go so right that we start to believe the wrongs and forget what’s right. You might ask how do I get rid of the bullshit in my life?  How do I discover what’s REAL in my life? How do I properly DEAL with the problems in my life? Lastly, How do I HEAL?

Finding what’s real is the hard part because no one ever what’s to be told that they’re wrong. Finding your truth is hard when you have been believing the lies or listening to what other people told you or what other people what said about you. That’s why I say find your truth discover what’s really you. What do you really mean when all that extra baggage isn’t following you.  Now some will get confused when I speak about dealing with something and then healing something. Some may think well if I’m dealing with then isn’t my healing in the same process? NO! You can correct me if I’m wrong because this is what I think. So, dealing means you’re just making fixtures on short-term issues, so your fixing bits and pieces of the problem. It’s like you’re doing the work necessary but roadblocks keep coming and in the end, you never really fixed the problem. When you are in the healing process you’ve fully healed from something and your genuinely over it. When you heal you’re comfortable around triggers, old feelings don’t return because you’re over the situation. It’s like you’ve broken the cycle and pattern of whatever the situation was. So, familiarize yourself with knowing the difference. Then ask yourself which stage are you really in? Did you just DEAL with the problem or did you HEAL the problem?

If you decide to take my advice, I’ll tell you to first figure out what real in your life and you do that by exploring your true self. You must put the toilet seat up and start picking out what real and what’s fake. Realize and Analyze why you keep allowing yourself to endure the bullshit, hardship, and headaches. Once you have found your truth and gain some understanding it time to deal with your shit and go through it and uncover every little detail. You sort through all the problems and start to deal with whatever you have uncovered. You leave nothing untouched. If you’re struggling with anger, sadness, death, depression, accepting yourself, loving yourself or just unnecessary pain comb through all of that figure it out. Deal with everything because when you deal with every issue or gain clarity and you will be able to heal. Healing is the last step of the process because we have all been hurt before some more than others. I know we have all experienced that moment where we call ourselves getting over that hurt but then something happens down the line and all old feeling and actions start rushing back. You think to yourself I thought I got over this but you never did. You just covered up one pile of shit made it look nice just to eventually put another pile of shit and make that look prettier than the last pile. You never really healed because you didn’t give yourself enough time. It takes more than a day more than 2 weeks and more than a year sometimes. You must take that alone time and find out what’s real in your life. Realize your purpose in life, analyze whose real in your life find your truth, deal with it and then you will heal.

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