Put Yourself On

Becoming acquainted with yourself is a price well worth paying for the love that will really address your needs.- Daphne Rose Kingma

Welcome back all of my followers and newbies. #ArtofA Why is it so hard for people to put themselves first? Why is it even considered a problem when we choose to put ourselves first?  This week post Is all about selfishly putting yourself first. It’s about neglecting everything in the outside world and taking time for yourself. It’s about stopping the world for you how you’ve been stopping it for others. I’m sure that we all know of those people who will go above and beyond for others. Those people that put others first and constantly put themselves last. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad trait to have but you are your own responsibility and you need love from you as well. In the world today we all have that giving personality or spirit.  Then when we sit and reflect your wondering where is your help, where are those people who will go above and beyond for you? When do you get a break?

We go through a lot of situations in our lives where we should put ourselves first but instead, we put ourselves last. You always need time to yourself it’s called ME TIME. You need time away from family, friends, kids and even your significant other. Here’s an example, you have a family member on drugs and you have tried every rehab to get them clean, You have spent every dollar in your pocket trying to get them clean, you’ve taken away from your own work, children and social life to simply care for this individual that you love and care so dearly for. Your family member isn’t taking any of this serious and it’s been 2 years of your time, money, dedication and hard work and they’re still not clean. You think about leaving, moving on or even giving up. Instantly you get that feeling that if you decided to stop all help and selfishly focus on you then somehow you’re now considered a bad person. Listen to me you’re not. It’s time for you to take all of that amazing energy and spend time with yourself, love yourself, etc. You can do it and it’s okay to do it. I’m sure it’s many other situations where you’re giving more of your time to something that could be physical, mentally and emotionally but I’m telling you its time to stop, step back and be selfish for you. Put yourself first to the point others begin to notice. You tell them I’m selfishly taking Me some ME TIME. Hopefully, they understand and if they don’t Fuck them because it’s your time and they should RESPECT it. Take a risk and enjoy your life with no worries, questions, or concerns.

When you’re ready to take that time take it proudly don’t feel bad. Don’t feel as if you have neglected responsibilities that you may have felt obligated to because you are your own responsibility. Caring for yourself is a priority it should be the first thing on your list. Personally, I feel that it is really hard for woman because we give, give, give and leave only the crumbs for ourselves. I know for a fact I am that woman. I give, give, give expecting nothing in return because I simply care so deeply and love that person so much. Sometimes it backfires and then sometimes all good comes out of my giving. I’m learning to now focus more on me, give to myself and selfishly be more about me. Understand this will be a journey but I am learning that I have to love me and put myself first now. So I’m now going above and beyond for me, moving mountains for me and I’m doing it freely. Part of putting yourself first is by making time for the things you love to do that truly make you happy. This is how I am sure that I am putting myself first and I think you should try it as well. I write out a list of the top 6 things that truly make me happy. I rewrote that life and along side each one, I put down the last time I did it. I analyze it and I began to make myself happy. I stop looking at what makes me happy on paper and I start acting on what makes me happy. I encourage you all to SELFISHLY PUT YOURSELF FIRST AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT, DONT QUESTION IT AND DONT DOUBT IT,  JUST DO IT!!!!!    PUT YOURSELF FIRST, BY SELFISHLY SETTING YOURSELF FREE OF OTHERS…..

Thanks for reading and I hope that you come back for more next time. Feel free to like, share and leave comments. #ArtofA