This post is one that is heartfelt. It’s something that everyone can connect to although you don’t want to. This post is about DEATH. Losing someone isn’t easy and finding the right thing to say is super hard. At times, you may feel there is no good in the situation. You may even question the man of higher power as to why. I don’t think that no one is prepared for death. I mean how do you prepare someone? What do you say? How do how to tell the next family member, or child that a significant loved one has just passed away. There is no good way and it’s never a good time to utter the dark sad words that someone has passed away. I’ve had a couple people that were close to me pass away and I can tell you it was so hard for me to simply understand what was going on. I mean my grandmother the most recent and most painful. People would tell me to pray, or she’s in a better place, no more suffering etc. but I NEVER wanted to hear any of that. I just wanted the rock of the family back, my amazing grandmother. I’d do just about anything to speak to her again or just to hear her voice. I sometimes wish heaven had phone calls because I’d still call.

I’ve come to realize that Death is something that takes time. Things never just fade away and it never gets easy. Birthdays, holidays, mother and father days etc. just gets a tab bit harder because you realize that the person you loved so much is no longer here to celebrate with you. With death, I have learned a valuable lesson. Which is to not hold grudges, tell others I love them and make the best of the life I have because you can simply be here today and gone tomorrow. Which is something I truly live by today. When my grandmother passed, she was in a battle with that monster called CANCER. She had been fighting for months leading up to the day she passed and she was my motivation when I got diagnosed with cancer. But when she died I vow to myself that I would fight no matter what. Not just cancer but everyday battles that came in my life. I wouldn’t give up on myself because she never gave up.

I’m here to tell you that when it comes to death you are not alone. I know the feeling and no amount of pain is equal to the next person. I will not sugarcoat and tell you what everyone else is telling you. I’m going to tell you to cry, be angry, I’m going to tell you to do whatever you need to do that makes your days a little easier. Don’t try to equal your pain with the next person because only you know the hurt that you feel and the pain of losing that person in your life. I will not tell you it’s going to be alright because it that moment it’s not alright. But what I will tell you is the days will get better. You will still think about him or her, you will still stare at pictures, you will still call just to hear their voicemail, you will get those random thoughts of those special times and most of all you still feel that hurt and cry sometimes. But it’s okay because death takes time. You will never get used to it but you will gain a better understanding of it.

I’m going to end this here by saying in moments like this you may feel as if death has won. That it has beaten you all the way down because the tears won’t stop, the pain won’t go away and the hurt you feel is cut so deep you can’t stand another day. The Bible says that LOVE is STRONGER than DEATH. I don’t know your situation or whom you’ve lost but I do know what pain and heartbreak is in times like this. I know what it feels like to just have the feeling that death has won. I’m telling you love is greater than death it wins no matter the circumstance. I want you to understand that there is some light at the end of the tunnel you just have to get there. You now have a guardian Angel someone who is looking down on you and guiding you. Understand you are in no rush take your time. Remember that although they have left outwardly they are forever within you.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you come back and enjoy more. Please feel free to leave comments, question and follow me. #ArtOfA