Week16: The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand

Welcome back and Thanks for stopping by to enjoy another amazing blog post!!! This blog post is for those people who realize what it is to work. I’m sure in life we have all come across that one person who hasn’t had to work for a single thing in their life. Everything has been handed to them and when they’re told no it seems as if their world has suddenly stopped. If they fell down it was okay because they’ve always had someone to scoop them right up. They are what we consider spoiled brats.  Well hey, I’m here to tell you I don’t fall on that side of the spectrum. I don’t have the rich parents, any favors, or any handouts. I’m just a girl born and raised in the hood corrupted with violence, stolen cars, drugs, Fatherless children and abandoned homes. Everything I want or ever wanted I realized at a young age I had to work for it. Some things will come which I consider a blessing from on high but most time it’s hard work and dedication. How many of us know that person whom fell flat on their ass and can’t get up or it could even be you right now? It was one of those rock bottom moments, it was that dark place that they wanted so very badly to come out of but really didn’t know how or where to start. I’m sure we all know someone like that. The glory about that is although it took them months or years to get up believe me when I tell you once they got up they stayed up and never went back down. They founded the glory in their struggle and realized they couldn’t stay in that place forever. They had a story to tell, they had a little motivation that got them through and in the end, they had something to show for all of their hard work.

A wise person once said that anything worth having is worth fighting for and Anything that comes easy isn’t worth having. In this generation today we act as if things happen overnight, that if we blink our eyes everything will be perfect. Well, that’s simply not the case for most people. It’s time that we get up off our ass and work. Do for yourself, spend your own money, elevate your situation so you can reach your destination. We should all want to elevate ourselves to be better and do better. But wait I see it every day a bunch of people all trying to get money the same way, stealing ideas, copying off the next but at what point does someone choose a different route. Everything isn’t for everybody. Find what’s destined for you and go get it. Trust the path that has been set for you and vibe out in your own way. I’m sorry to say but everyone is not a good blogger, fashionista, designer, educator, hair stylist, makeup artist or good at YouTube, and that’s because it’s something out there for everybody you just have to find your purpose. When you find it be sure to love it, care for it and soon you’ll be able to sit back and watch it grow.

In society, today we have plenty of different foundations to start greatness. It’s amazing how much technology we have and how much it has grown. It’s crazy the amount of talent we have collectively but how many of up utilize the amazing technology we all share today? What is for you go and get it, don’t wait and worry about what others will say or think. It’s about what you think, what you say and In the end, if it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for. You will have disappointments, people hating, but you’ll be able to look back and say I fought for my brand to be where it is today. Nobody will understand your struggle more than you. Nobody will understand the sleepless nights better than you. Nobody will understand the amount of no’s you recived better than you. Nobody will understand the amount of support you didn’t have better than you. Remember when your down you can’t go any further. It’s only up from there I’m a living witness. So, if you are down right now know that it’s getting better, you are about to move up. If you are up right now Know that it only gets better and you can only go higher. Do yourself a favor and take somebody with you. Help put another sister or brother on. I believe that this generation today needs to come together and help one hand feed other, weed out the shakes and make these communities GREAT. It can be done but it takes HARDWORK, DEDICATION, MOTIVATION, COURAGE, AND UNDERSTANDING.  It’s going to take long nights. It takes some no’s. And it takes a couple of falls, but it’s not about the fall but the way you get up. Let’s get up, let’s be better, and let’s support others and make our situations great.

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