What I like about my black skin

Everything and I mean everything within

My skin is soft, beautiful and boldly unapologetic

Let’s just say I have my ancestor’s genetics

When it enters the room, they stop and stare

While the color of my skin alarms you to beware

Black don’t crack I swear

What I like about my black skin

Is every element being effortless no need for all the extraness

My black skin is dangerous and vicious

When you close your eyes you see black which makes me your night time wishes

I mean every scar that I have runs skin deep but it’s what makes my black skin unique

Unique, as we speak, is that why these other races are so beat

I must admit I get happy when they call my hair nappy or refer to my dark chocolate sister as Blackey

In my head, I’m just soooo elegant and classy

My black skin is why most people say I’m sassy

What I like about my black skin

Is every shape, turn, twist and curve

Don’t get too close my brother she’s hot and burns

Forget what they said because I see dark and lovely

Nothing about your melanin can be defined as ugly

Don’t ever deny the amount of melanin you’ve been blessed with

Sit back relax and don’t stress it

They ask me who I wrote this for

This is to all the girls that hate their black skin and can’t seem to find the beauty within

I tell you to be unapologetically beautiful because your skin is Amazing

You have the brothers gazing because your black skin is amazing

If you have the same rich black skin as me

Stand up tall and repeat this loud

Y’all already know they saying


By: Asha James