Week8: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” Malcolm X

This week is all about college, I don’t want to make it to long so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I have decided to major in Psychology and I’m a double minor in Sociology and African American Studies. My plan Is to leave college and work as a Psychologist but eventually have my own practice someday. Sociology I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that yet but hey I still have time to figure that out. lol, Lastly I enjoy learning about my history so African American Studies is just the fun part for me.  So here is some Tips, advice, and description of my first year in college. My first-year college was a good experience for me. I went from I don’t think I want to go, college is not for me and then me stressing over my major but I can now say I like college and I’m ready to go back. In college, I was excited to have own space and freedom.  I was excited to be living on my own, attending events and not having my parents on my tail because it’s too late to be out. I was excited to meet new people and excited about the learning.  That was all super fun until I realized I was now depending on myself and when I made a mistake it was all on me.  College prepares you for what’s real out in the world. Some of the things they say about college are true and some things are not true. College for me was fun, crazy, different and stressful all In one. Which is the way I felt at times like OMG this is too much and I felt like I could no longer go and continue but then I thought about it I would say to myself it’s just a bump in the road and that I must finish strong. College is tricky it like you can’t take the elevator you must take the stairs because it’s a process. I have learned that anything that comes easy wasn’t worth it. So, yes you will have loads of reading, homework and discussion boards but in the end, when you have a degree in your hand it will all be super worth it. like I stated before college wasn’t for me and if you feel that way I would say first give it a shot. Try it out and see if you’ll like it. Just give college a chance. Although I encourage everyone to try it believe me when I say college is not for everyone. If you leave high school knowing, you barely passed and you know for a fact without a doubt college isn’t for you #DON’T GO!! Don’t waste your money or your parent’s money. So, I will say do what makes you happy because at the end of the day it’s your life.

So being that I have finished my first year of college I think I’m able to give a little insight about college. First thing first Seniors always as is College hard? NO!! College is not hard it is just all about time management. It may sometimes seem like college is fast pace but it isn’t. You must be dedicated and willing to work as hard as the next person because in college there are no handouts. While in remember, TIME IS EVERYTHING!! Time is on your side If you manage it well. Be sure to set times for everything such as studying, events, homework and even time with friends. Don’t spread yourself too thin to the point you feel stressed or overwhelmed. That feeling is one hard feeling to shake because it just feels like things are piling up in your life and you can’t handle it.  One thing I would also say is attend events. Attend events to get to know your peers and to make yourself known. Go out and make new friends, start new conversations so that you have people to speak and connect with when you come back year after year. I would also say before you get to college learn how to budget your money because you will be forced to when you enter college. Learn how to live off $10 for two weeks and noodles for dinner because the dining hall food is nasty. I mean after a while you get the hang of it and you realize that you must live a certain way or you’ll be broke and starving. Also, just so you know books cost an arm and a leg. Books are no joke so if you must buy books use all of you online and in person resources. Check different sites to see if you can get them cheaper, try to find free PDF files of the books because no one wants to settle for a $100-dollar book then a $90 access code for that same class. Also, while in college if you can manage get a job because like I said before you’ll need the extra funds. All the things I am telling you guys are the things I wish someone would have told me before I went to college. I think that at certain points my year would have been even better if I knew some of these tips.

When you first get to your college of choice trust me you will be homesick a little. Trust me when you get there and get used to the freedom and college life you will no longer be home sick. You will be asking yourself What Is Home? Lol In college it’s no one on your back telling you to do this or do that it just you living and learning. Being on your on in college it will teach you a lot I know that I am just a first-year student so I know I have plenty more lessons to learn as I continue. So, to sum up, my college experience I would say I completely enjoyed myself and I would do anything differently. To sum up my advice I would say learn how to use your time wisely, learn how to budget and embrace your independence. Have fun, go to class and its college so live it up. Remember you only live once. Go out and beat the odds and make your families proud!!!