I’m stuck in between a 4-way Street,

Don’t know what is down each path,

 I don’t know what obstacle that I’ll have to meet.

Or what kind of life challenge a road may seek.

Yes, Life is a challenge and I can’t figure out what lies ahead.

I have some much fear for it,

So, I stand here and question everything, better yet, let me sit.

Will I have the chance to be reborn again?

Or will I be left here stuck, alone, unsure, no soul, dead?

Will I become the inspiration people have foreseen I’d be?

Or will I become someone unsure of herself, an insignificant being?

I’m the type of person who is afraid of change,

I rather stay in my comfort zone, yes I’m not as brave.

Do I have the drive, the strength, to keep my boat above water?

Or am I playing myself, I’m weak, my ship will sink.

Too many downs, not enough ups, Life makes me so delicate

Like a flower in a field that has all the right elements but still doesn’t get picked.

Too many pain and sorrow, I been through

I need help, what path do I turn to?

Which streets are filled the encouragement and the motivation?

I’m tired of following the dark roads of trials and tribulations.

This twinge in my body I can bare much longer

What happened to the tenderness and love that can build me stronger?

I’m stuck between crossroads; don’t know where to go next

Whatever decision I make I hope it is what’s best.

Whether is the road of failure or the path to success.


By: Samiyah Roberts