The most suppressed minority in the nation
Never given credit and  overlook
But if you ask me we got everyone else shook
They label us MAD, AGGRESSIVE, and BITTER
Maybe it’s because they watch us like a babysitter
Because they scan and copy our style like a
Because I have to explain to my son why dads not in the picture
Because the store owner follows me down the aisle
Because we are segregated by shades
Because our men treat us like cat litter
Because our natural beauty does not qualify as professional
Because our girls go missing and it barely hits the media
Because we raise our girls to be independent and Breastfeed our men
Because our sons are gun down like killers
Because the white girl gets celebrated for buying the curves we were made with
Because society assumes your 16 and pregnant
Because our hair defies gravity
Because I attack the world fearlessly
Because my long box braids mean I didn’t do the class reading
Because my brown skin means my life has no meaning
Because I stand at the front lines fighting for my black men and they disregard my loyalty
Because everyday, every minute, every second we are fighting
Fighting the stigmas, the stereotypes, and discrimination we face
Until you walk in the shoes of a black girl you will never understand why she is MAD

BY: Teanna Johnson