This is the year police officers change and not have hatred in their holsters

This is the year we stop now and get off this fast roller coaster

This is the year we don’t see black faces on posters

This is the year we protest for better reasons

We prepare for black greatness in every season

This is the year we defeat those dangerous demons

This the year I ask you to do everything in your power to keep him

This is the year as a police officer you serve and protect him

He’s my son so please do not fail to neglect him

Keep in mind your actions because soon you’ll regret them

As he goes for identification don’t go for gun because you’ll scare him

I’m his mother I’m scared for him and  I won’t really yell or scream why

I’ll be forever confused as to what he did so severe that he had to die

But if the day ever comes withs tears in my eyes

I’ll let them know my son wasn’t a beast or a threat

My goal is for my son to bury me so please come correct

This is the year officers appreciate his life, save his life and be more about his life rather than his life

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